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June 21, 2022

Abomasum / noun/ ab·​oma·​sum

Abomasum is a noun we used to describe a section of the stomach inside the human body. Relating to human anatomy and physiology, we use abomasum as the proper term to denote the fourth compartment in the stomach. According to medical experts and doctors, the abomasum is the primary component of the stomach involved in digestion. It's connected to the third component of the stomach, known as the omasum. These internal organs work together to complete the human digestion cycle.

In a Sentence

The doctor performed surgery on the patients' abomasum to repair a defect in the stomach.

Medical students studied the digestive functions of the stomach inside of the abomasum.

The patient went to the doctor to resolve issues with digestion in the abomasum.


We first see the use of the word "abomasum" in the 16th century. "Abomasum" hasn't changed its definition since it first entered language as a noun. Etymologists say we may have borrowed parts of the word "abomasum" from New Latin words, including abomāsum as a derivative of the words ab- + omāsum.


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