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December 14, 2022


Abrogate is a verb that refers to repealing or doing away with something. It's typically associated with law, right, or formal agreement. It can also refer to evading responsibility or duty.

In A Sentence

Politicians are given a bad name because they tend to abrogate all of the promises they made before they were elected into office.

People in power usually make a lot of promises to make a change and do better before they were in a place of power, but once they gain that power, they abrogate what they said before and act like they never said it, usually getting away with doing what they want.

The Roe v. Wade controversy finally abrogated the federal law, bringing the decision back to the states and causing many women to lose the right to care they've had for years.


The word abrogate originated in the late 16th century from the Latin word abrogat– meaning repealed. The word comes from the verb abrogare, with ab meaning away or from and rogare meaning propose a law. The word also has Middle English origins, with abrogat meaning abolished. This word typically refers to the functions of the government and the people in office.


Abandon, Overrule


Introduce, Institute


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