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November 18, 2022

Accismus / noun / accismus

Accismus is a term with negative connotations. It is used in English to describe people who are pretending to be ignorant of what is happening around them. It identifies people purposely "playing dumb" in order to avoid having to deal with the consequences of an unpleasant social situation.English speakers use accismus, much like the word liar or lying, to denote a person who is being untruthful and faking ignorance.

In a Sentence

He was hoping his wife wouldn't ask any more questions about the accismus he told her regarding his whereabouts.

Criminal defense attorneys are known for engaging in the occasional accismus to avoid facing legal consequences.

Some people believe that engaging in an accismus from time-to-time is a good way to avoid conflict and to save face in close relationships.


The word accismus is derived from Greek mythology and stories that relate to Julius Caesar, where ancient Greeks feigned ignorance or indifference to avoid getting caught up in a sticky situation. The definition of accismus hasn't changed since its early introduction into the English language and still represents the act of lying or “playing dumb.”


Irony, Hypocritical


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