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February 16, 2022

Accubation /ɑ.kju.ˈbeɪ.ʃən/ noun

Definition: Accubation is a term used by the ancients. It describes a particular way people sit while they are eating. The term means “to recline while eating.” It represents ancient adults eating their meals in a semi-reclined posture on low beds or couches.

This reclined dining style was first observed as an Oriental custom reserved for people of high status in society. When it was adopted by other cultures, this luxurious dining style was still only reserved for men and women of status. Children, servants, and other members of society were not allowed to take their meals in this fashion.

Etymology: The term accubation dates back as far as 264-241 BC. It was used by the Romans at that time to indicate a superior way of dining. The Greeks later adopted this primarily oriental dining style as a part of their eating regime. The first recorded use of the word “accubation” in English was in 1902 in the Journal of Biblical Literature.

In a Sentence.  

I wonder if famous celebrities enjoy their meals in accubation?

The King and Queen invited their guests to an accubation-style dinner.

The boy propped himself up in accubation while eating and playing a video game.


Recumbency, Accumbency


Erect, Upright


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