March 30, 2022

Adorbs /əˈdôrbz/ adj.  

Definition: Adorbs is commonly used by millennials to describe things of a certain aesthetic or things that evoke a particularly pleasant feeling in our minds and bodies.

It describes something that is inspiring great delight. Something that is adorbs makes us feel happy or fuzzy on the inside.

Etymology: The word adorbs is a shortened slang version of adorable. It became popular during the early 21st century and is still used today. 

In a Sentence

I was playing Pokemon Arceus with my boyfriend, and I think my Cyndaquill is just so adorbs!

Don’t you think that pink dress with all the cute little teddy bears on it over there on display through the window is just so adorbs?

There’s a theory out there that elephants look at us the way we look at baby animals, and I just think that’s so adorbs that an elephant looks at us like that!


Cute, Adorable


Ugly, Disgusting


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