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December 5, 2022

Anachronistic / adjective / anach·ro·nis·tic

An anachronistic term is one that is used in a time period that it was not meant to be used in. For example, we might say someone is wearing anachronistic clothing because it doesn't match the style of the era they are living in. Anachronistic denotes things, people and situations that are not relevant to the current period.

In a Sentence

I thought it was hilarious when my friend referred to the laptop she was borrowing as an anachronistic dinosaur, even though she was telling the truth.

After wearing the same outfit to work every day for years, I felt anachronistic in my 30s and decided it was time to get a new wardrobe and went shopping online.

I don't think it's appropriate for students to wear anachronistic clothing in the school library, and they should always be in uniform.


The word anachronistic comes from the Greek words anankros meaning "untimely," and akron, meaning "[place] of spring." The phrase anachronistic fashion refers to clothing or accessories that are out of place in a given time period.


Untimely, Antiquated


Elegant, Timeless




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