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November 24, 2021

Antidote / ˈtīˌrād/ noun 

Definition: The definition of antidote with sample sentences:

1. A specific remedy to counteract the effects of poison. 

2. A substance in pill form or liquid taken to cancel out the effect of a homeopathic remedy. 

3. Anything that may neutralize unhappy emotions or situations. 

Etymology: Antidote comes from the Old French word, antidot, 15th century, and the Latin words antidotum/antidotus, meaning “a remedy to counteract poison.” 

Antidote is also related to the Greek word antidoton meaning, “a remedy to act against poison,” and “given to use as a remedy,” as in “given against.” 

Anti from Latin means opposite of, instead, to return, counter and against. Anti is also used in Italian, such as antipasto, meaning anti, before and pasto, meal. In French, anti is used similarly, such as anti froid, meaning anti, against and froid, cold.

In a Sentence

The bee sting kit contained an antidote to inject immediately after getting stung by a bee.

She sipped the tonic, an antidote for the natural remedy she took and grimaced at the horrible taste.

Laughter is an antidote that can cure a broken heart.


Corrective, Therapeutic


Disease, Illness


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