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November 15, 2022

Antimacassar / noun / an·ti·ma·cas·sar

The word antimacassar is a noun that refers to a protective material draped over the back of household furniture and recliners to prevent damage to fabric by oils, grease, or other debris. Often these cloths are crocheted and referred to as a “doily;” and many are part of a home’s decor. Though these cloths were quite common a few decades ago, they are quite uncommon in modern homes.

In a Sentence

Their grandparents yelled at the children for removing the antimacassar from the back of the Lazy boy sofa at home.

The woman shopped online to find an antimacassar that matched the theme of her home decor.

It is a great idea to invest in a few washable antimacassars if you want to keep your cloth recliner chairs safe from hair, grease, and oil stains.


The term antimacassar was first used to describe a cloth placed over the backs of recliner chairs and the arms of furniture in the mid-1800s, specifically around 1844. Historians believe the term likely derives from a combination of words,using the English prefix “anti” combined with words for oils. In short, the antimacassar is a protective cloth designed to protect against oily grime.


Fabric, Protectant




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