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February 17, 2022

ASMR /a-s-m-r/ noun

Definition:  The word of the day is typically one people associate with incredibly satisfying sounds and sensory stimulation. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) describes a tingling feeling some people can experience at the base of their neck or in the back of their head due to particular gentle sound stimulation.

Etymology: The term ASMR was actually invented more recently by a woman named Jennifer Allen. Allen was frustrated with experiencing this sensation but not quite being able to explain to people what it felt like or what caused it, and she was overwhelmed with the lack of understanding and relatable terminology. This inspired her to come up with ASMR to explain what she was experiencing in the year 2010.

In a Sentence

Not everyone is lucky enough to experience ASMR, but for those who are, there is a whole YouTube community, and you can even find videos to help you sleep at night!

ASMR can be used to calm people down who are OCD or experience extreme levels of anxiety.

There are a lot of ASMR creators out there because the idea of ASMR just seems incredibly fascinating to the general public.


Tingling, Sensory


Numb, Rough


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