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September 10, 2022

Atingle / adjective / atin·​gle

Atingle is an adjective or adverb in English that describes the physical state of "tingling with excitement."

Atingle is a physical sensation in the body when we feel anxious, nervous, or excited. This feeling commonly arises when we expect a negative outcome we would like to avoid or when we are anticipating an event that will bring excitement or intense joy. We use the word “prickling” and “stimulating” as synonyms for the word atingle because the body can feel itchy, prickly, or agitated when we feel this way.

In a Sentence

His nerves were atingle, and he felt like he was about to catch on fire while waiting for his test results.

New dental patients normally experience atingle feelings when they visit the dentist's office for the first time.

Psychiatrists report atingle feelings are common symptoms of mental health disorders like anxiety.


We first started using atingle around 1855. The definition of atingle has always been related to a physical sensation in the body that feels like a prickling, stinging, or burning feeling in the skin. Many people relate the nervous and uncomfortable feelings of atingle to anxiety; however, feeling atingle can also relate to excitement and anticipation.


Prickle, Itch


Comfort, Relief


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