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Be On Cloud Nine

February 23, 2022

Be On Cloud Nine /be on kloud nin/ adj.

Definition:  The word of the day today is actually a phrase that is used to explain when you’re experiencing a level of excitement that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. To be on cloud nine is to experience a state of extreme happiness.

Etymology:  The phrase “be on cloud nine” actually has a very interesting origin that actually does involve clouds. The cumulonimbus cloud, which is the greatest cloud in the world, became classified as Cloud 9 in September of 1896, so to “be on cloud nine” is like being on top of the highest cloud in the sky.

In a Sentence

Do you know what it’s like to feel so happy, it’s like you went up in an airplane to be on cloud nine?

A lot of people who take drugs talk about their experience of being on cloud nine because of the way drugs modify your brain and your perception of your surroundings.

A lot of poor people want to be on cloud nine, but it’s almost impossible when you’re not rich and famous.


Ecstatic, Excited, Overjoyed


Unhappy, Miserable, Depressed


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