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December 16, 2022


Behoove is a duty or responsibility requiring somebody to do something. To behoove someone to do something is to suggest that they do it for either the good of others or themself.

In A Sentence

I find it hard nowadays to find a job or career that behooves having such a lavish lifestyle — something that will provide me with enough income to have everything I could ever want and more while also being fulfilling and making my life feel satisfying.

I don´t believe in forever or soulmates, but I do believe in finding the kind of people that can behoove you and your life in a way that helps you grow inside and out.

When you're planning events, it can be hard to get just the right themes and colors that behoove those certain events and celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.


The word behoove has Old English origins, coming from the word behofian. The word behoove developed from the word behoof, which means to be fit or meet for, or to be necessary for. The word behoof is derived from the word bihof, which means advantage or utility. There are also various versions and meanings of this particular word in Dutch, German, and Danish.


Advise, Suggest, Befit


Refuse, Decline, Ignore


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