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January 14, 2022

Biblioklept /  bib-lee-uh-klep / noun

Definition: A biblioklept is a person who steals books. 

Etymology: This term is a combination of “biblio” + “klept” that originated from Greece between 1880 and 1885. Biblio – comes from Latin or Greek language and means “book.”

However, biblio may also refer to the Bible in certain cultures. Klept is also derived from the Greek language (as kleptes, which means “thief” between 1820-1830) and is short for kleptomaniac, which is a person who has an uncontrollable need to steal and is commonly linked to an emotional disorder. 

Being a kleptomaniac is not the same as stealing due to the lack of funds. Sometimes they will take items of little monetary value or are of use to them personally.

In a Sentence

The clerk wondered if the rich girl was a biblioklept or looking for attention when she was caught stealing the magazine.

A biblioklept wandered aimlessly around the bookstore while placing small magazines inside a tote bag.

The man with the big backpack, who suddenly ran out of the library, was a biblioklept the staff knew very well.


Book Thief, Pick-Pocketer, Bandit, Crook


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