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August 31, 2022

Bibulous / adjective / bib·u·lous

Bibulous refers to someone who is excessively fond of drinking alcoholic beverages. It can also refer to overdrinking alcohol, eating too much food, and overdoing it in social situations. It's important to be aware of your limits, and people who feel they are experiencing any negative consequences because of excessive bibulous behavior should seek professional help.

When you are bibulous, you're likely to be enjoying yourself and having a good time with your friends or family, but you take that good time too far. Bibulous is also the word that can describe someone who is drunk. Additionally, bibulous can also be used to describe highly absorbent materials.

In a Sentence

Her bibulous behavior got her in trouble frequently.

Many Americans show their bibulous side when celebrating seasonal holidays, especially New Year's Eve.

The terry cloth towel was especially bibulous, and it sucked up all the water they spilled on the countertop.


Bibulous comes from the French verb biber, which means "to drink." The English word likely originated in the late 16th century and referred to someone who drank copiously. Over time, we used it to describe overly merry or drunken people.


Absorbent, Thirsty


Repellent, Sober


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