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November 4, 2021

Biennale /bēenˈälā / noun,verb, adj. 

Definition:  As far as words go, biennale’s definition can be mistaken for two others that are similar in spelling and meaning.

Firstly, the definition of a biennale is an event that happens every two years. In some western cultures, a biennale can also mean a large festival or musical celebration that happens every two years. In the art world, biennale became the description of a large contemporary art exhibition. For example, the Biennale de Paris.

Secondly, biennale should not be confused with a biennial, a plant with a two-year life cycle, or biennially, which is another word for biennale or happens every two years.

Adding more confusion, biennale is also the Italian word for biennial (we warned you!).

Etymology: Biennale is of Italian origin. See above.

In a Sentence

The carpenter said she would carve more sculptors for display at the local biennale this Sunday.

Biennale culture aside, the band showed some promise as an entrant for our local Battle of the Bands contest.

One of the longest-running art festivals, also known as biennales, is Venice Biennale, an art world biennale that set the tone for contemporary art festivals.


Exhibition, Display


Private Collection, Annual


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