March 7, 2022

Blithesome/ˈblīT͟Hsəm/ adj.

Definition:  We use the word blithesome as an adjective to describe an observation of a specific type of behavior. When used in the English language, the term describes a person with a cheerful or pleasing disposition. We always see a blithesome person as being gay or happy.

The term is used to describe a happy, friendly person. To be called blithesome is a compliment. Blithesome people are fun to be around. They are the life of the party. We appreciate their cheerful and upbeat demeanor. When a blithesome person enters the room, spirits are lifted, and people are always happy to see them.

Etymology: The first recorded use of the word blithesome was in the late 1500s in 1594. They used the term with its current meaning to describe a person with a pleasant temperament. We still use the term blithesome in the English language today.

In a Sentence

Betty White was a blithesome person who touched the hearts of millions during her career.

The blithesome child was a joy to her parents as she helped around the house.

Having a blithesome boss makes it easier for most people to enjoy their work.


Cheerful, Joyous


Melancholy, Sorrowful


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