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October 22, 2021

Bravado /brə-ˈvä-dō / noun

Definition: Bravado in modern times means brave or confident speech or behavior that is intended to leave an impression on other people. It has also been used in a similar way as foolhardy. Often the word is associated with an individual who tends to exaggerate the greatness of their own accomplishments and talents.

Etymology:  Bravado is a word from the 1580s, from the French bravade, which refers to boasting or bragging and the Italian word bravo, which means brave or bold. The English word was also influenced by the Spanish adding the –ado. The term refers to a “swaggering fellow.”

In a Sentence

Trent told his story with much detail and bravado.

At the trial the judge noted that the defendant had exhibited no bravado or swagger during his testimony, making him less likely to be a reoffending citizen.

Being a humble winner, Stan showed no signs of bravado while recounting his story.


Boastfulness, Swagger, Bombast, Bragging, Arrogance


Bashfulness, Humility, Shyness, Timidity


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