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August 28, 2021


Brusque is a word used to describe an abrupt, brief and unceremonious manner of speaking. It also refers to someone who is blunt, rude, or unable to express themselves with politeness. The word has become controversial in the last decade due to its negative connotations and usage as a slur. In response, many people are now using “brusque” as a positive adjective and referring to someone who is blunt, friendly, or unapologetic.

Noun — Brusqueness

Adverb — Brusquely

Etymology: The word “brusque” is French in origin and means sharp or rough. It means hastily or in an abrupt manner. The word is thought to originate from the verb bruxer, which means to talk quickly and in a quick manner ‘and derives from the Latin brix, meaning quickness. The word came to English in the mid-19th century. Today, the word “brusque” is most commonly used to describe someone or something as rough or abrupt. That said, people can also use it to describe anything with a certain forcefulness of speech.

In a Sentence

The meeting was brusque.

The words were so brusque that I decided not to reply.

The professor looked at her questioner, his eyes brusque.


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