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November 29, 2022

Cabal / noun / ca·bal

If you've ever suspected that secret groups exist for the sole purpose of achieving power, you're already thinking about a cabal.

A cabal is a secret or conspiratorial group that is seeking to overthrow the government or use political power for its own ends.

Members of cabals conspire together to carry out secret plots to gain power and overthrow existing political or governmental systems.They operate in secrecy and adhere to a strict code that only approved cabal members are privy to.

While most cabals operate in secrecy, some cabalistic groups engage in intense competition, rivalry, and fierce struggle for advantage or supremacy.

In a Sentence

The election was a cabal between the two major political parties that were both pushing their own secret agendas to overthrow the current administration and seize power.

The Cabal was trying to secretly overthrow the government by placing spies on the inside in key positions within the agency to gather intelligence and report back to the group leader.

I suspected a Cabal had been working secretly in the office when important documents and video surveillance equipment suddenly went missing during an internal investigation.


Club, Group


Open, Public







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