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December 10, 2021

Caustic /pēk / adj.


As an adjective: 

  1. The ability to destroy, dissolve, or burn things, mostly those made of living cells.
  2. A caustic remark is considered highly bitter, cruel, or critical.
  3. Cutting or sarcastic
  4. Being or related to the curve or surface of a caustic.

As a noun:

It can also be used as a noun. A caustic agent such as a strong corrosive alkali or a substance that destroys or burns organic tissue chemically.

Etymology: Originally causticus (Latin) from Greek kausticos and kauien, meaning “to burn.” As an adjective (meaning the ability to destroy by chemical action), the word is traced originally to the 14th Century. As a noun (meaning a caustic agent), the word can be traced to the 15th Century.

Causalgia is a kaiein descendant that means a burning pain as a result of nerve damage. Other descendants include hypocaust and encaustic, meaning ‘an Ancient Roman heating system’ and ‘a kind of paint heated after its application.’

In a Sentence

His caustic wit is the reason people avoid having honest conversations with him.

The chemical was highly caustic that it ate through the PVC.

The website is known for its regular caustic movie reviews.


Acid, Acerbic


Constructive, Pleasant


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