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January 24, 2022

Cleek / ˈklēk / noun

Definition: Cleek can have a few different meanings: 

  1. A large hook for a pot over a fire. The word is typically only used in Scotland.
  2. A golf club with a metal head and little loft. In modern clubs, it is equivalent to a one or two-iron. This usage is mainly historic and has fallen out of everyday use.
  3. The act of cleeking – a clutch

Etymology: The word “cleek” has its origins in the Middle English verb clieken, to seize, or clutch. The same verb gave rise to the modern English verb “clutch.” However, the word has largely passed out of use in most of the English-speaking world, only retaining any use in Scotland.

In a Sentence

He lit the fire ready for cooking his dinner and, once it was hot enough, he used a cleek to hang his cooking pot over it.

Unsure of which club to use for the long putt, he asked his caddy for a cleek, which turned out to be a grave error in this case.

The fire was far too large and burned through the sticks holding up his dinner, causing pot, cleek, and all to tumble in and ruin his food.


Hook, Putter


Cleek does not have any antonyms.


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