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February 6, 2022

Collywobbles / kale wabelz/ noun

Definition:  The word of the day today is actually associated with a physical feeling that can sometimes even be associated with the relatively common feelings of anxiety or unease. 

Collywobbles are pains in your stomach or a feeling of nausea, extreme anxiety or nerves accompanied by a queasy stomach.

Etymology: This word originated from the early 19th century from the New Latin cholera morbus, also known as the disease cholera. The word collywobbles is a formation of the two words colic and wobble. Its first known use was in 1823, and there is a theory that it came from breathing coal dust. 

In a Sentence

I’m starting to get the collywobbles when I’m thinking about how I have to be on stage in front of an entire group of people tonight for the show.

Standing on high surfaces, or even thinking about being in high places, especially roller coasters really gives me a case of the collywobbles.

I know a lot of people get the collywobbles in situations that also cause panic attacks, which also makes it really hard to have an appetite in those situations.


Queasy, Nervous


At Ease, Relaxed


  1. Patricia Mosimanegape

    I had collywobbles last week and went to see the doctor who gave me medication and two rest

  2. Nadezhdip



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