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March 22, 2022

Conjubilant /con·​jubilant / adj. 

Definition: Conjubilant is an adjective we use to recount tales of people gathered together to rejoice and shout with happiness on joyous occasions. We use the word in the English language to tell of joyful people gathering in groups to celebrate life’s milestones, holidays, and important events.

The term conjubilant represents groups of people shouting together with joy. When conjubilant people join together, their voices rise together to create a singular tone as they sing, dance and celebrate with loud jubilation. Conjubilant people are filled with elation and eager to share their happiness.

Etymology: The first recorded instances of the word conjubilant showed up in Medieval Latin. During Medieval times, people used the word conjubilans and conjubilare

People originally formed the word by combining com– with jubilare to create the word conjubilant.  

Today, we use the word in the English language, keeping the context of its original meaning.

In a Sentence

The conjubilant crowd sang along with their favorite performers at the concert.

The joyful Christmas carolers serenaded the neighborhood with conjubilant voices.

The conjubilant graduates shouted with joy as they received their diplomas.


Rejoice, Delirium




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