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September 21, 2022

Crestfallen / adjective / crest·​fall·​en

Crestfallen is an adjective used to describe the outward appearance of people who seem to be down and out and feeling dejected. Despondent and downcast are both words English speakers use as synonyms of crestfallen; cheerful and jubilant are used as its antonyms.

In a Sentence

The lottery winner was crestfallen when he realized he had won the million-dollar prize after he tore up the winning ticket.

She was crestfallen when she found out the pajama party she was going to on Friday was being canceled.

The Instagram influencer was crestfallen when her fans left negative comments on her latest post and demanded she take it down.


The word crestfallen comes from Middle English, meaning "to make or become crestfallen." Etymologists say the word crestfallen most likely dates back to the Middle Ages when people would use phrases like "crestfallen at his misfortune" or "the crestfallen look of disappointment on her face."

English speakers started using crestfallen as an adjective to describe dejected behaviors in 1589. The definition of crestfallen has not changed since it entered our language, and we still use it this way.


Despondent, Downcast


Cheerful, Jubilant


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