April 25, 2022

Crowdfunding / verb / crowd·fund·ing

Crowdfunding is a verb we use in the English language to describe financial projects that are funded by multiple parties or groups of people. People use the money raised from “crowdfunding” for financing large projects and starting new business ventures. American startups are famously known for using “crowdfunding” sources for business financing and expenses.

Individuals with lofty financial goals use “crowdfunding” options to raise money from a wide variety of sources online. “Crowdfunding” platforms provide registered and verified uses with a variety of fundraising options. Funds raised through “crowdfunding” apps may charge users a fee to use the platform. Popular “crowdfunding” sites in the United States include ‘Go Fund Me’ and ‘Indiegogo.’

In a Sentence

The startup funded their new business venture using a combination of crowdfunding sources.

Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a worthy cause or business venture!

The small business owner was relieved that there were crowdfunding options available.


Crowdfunding is a recently formed word we began using in the early 21st century. Etymologists say we formed this English-based word by combining variations of the words “crowd,” ‘fund,’ and ‘crowdsource.’


Backing, Financing


Debts, Liabilities


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