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April 10, 2022

Cutesy-Poo /kyoot-see-poo / adj.   

Definition: Cutesy-poo is an informal adjective that means embarrassingly cute, adorable, or sickeningly sweet. The word is a sarcastic descriptor of the physical aspects of a person who seems overdressed, over-the-top, or overdone.

We can use cutesy-poo to delineate the annoying yet adorable physical appearance and characteristics of people, pets, or objects.

Etymology: We find the first recorded use of the word cutesy in late 1960s America. Cutesy showed up around 1968 as a derivative of the word cute. Cutesy is used to describe someone who is annoyingly cute. 

Etymologists say English speakers combined the word cutesy and poo at an unknown point in time. Many speculate that poo was likely added for arbitrary reasons. We still use the word cutesy-poo with its original definition in the English language today.

In a Sentence

The woman who dressed up in the ladybug costume for Halloween felt like a cutesy-poo.

Aww, the yipping chihuahua at the pet store was such a little cutesy-poo!

She went on a shopping spree at the new cutesy-poo boutique downtown.


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