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March 9, 2022

Dapper/ˈdapər/ adj.

Definition:  We use the word dapper in the English language to describe a person’s style of dress or fashion. We normally use the term to refer to a man who is stylishly dressed in a suit or similar outfit. Dapper people are always neat and clean in appearance.

A man wearing an expensive suit, neatly pressed uniform, or a tuxedo are all examples of dapper style. Men thought to be dapper are stylish trendsetters who set the standard for being well dressed. Besides applying to fashionable male clothing, the word dapper can also refer to behavior style and mannerisms that are present in men we consider as gentlemen.

Etymology: We first find the word dapper recorded in Middle English in the 15th century with the same meaning we use today. Originally recorded as dapyr in Middle English and dapper in Middle Dutch, meaning quick and strong.

In a Sentence

The businessman wore a dapper navy suit to address his employees in a meeting.

His dapper attire caught the attention and praise of many people passing by.

They called him the “dapper Don” because he always looked stylish and neatly dressed.


Smart, Debonair


Disheveled, Unkempt


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