May 22, 2022

Deckle / noun / deck·​le

Crafters and scrapbookers are likely to be familiar with the word “deckle,” which is a noun that represents a form of decorative paper edging during the paper-making process. To “deckle” is to use a special mold to decorate the outer edges of paper during the paper-making process. The word “deckle” can also represent the name of the specialty tool used in papermaking that creates specialized bands on paper during the process.


Etymologists believe that “deckle” most likely entered the language as a noun based in German or Old High German around the early 18 century around 1810. We derived “deckle” from the German-based terms ‘deckel’ ‘dekkel,’ and ‘decken,” which means to cover.

In a Sentence

The calligraphy artist used a “deckle” frame to complete the writing project.

Adding a “deckle” edge to paper during the paper-making process can produce beautiful results.

Papermakers use special tools to create the “deckled” edges of specialty papers.


Deck-edged, Bordered


Edgeless, Borderless


  1. Charles Mason

    Where is the word for May 20th

  2. Joshua

    It would be helpful to me if a pronunciation key were to be added such as showing long and/or short vowels’ sounds, constants’ sounds. Such is shown in dictionaries and I do find such approaches helpful. Admittedly, I am not a linguist.

  3. Dix Pettey

    Please note: 1810 would be the early 19th Century, not the early 18th Century. You have made this kind of mistake before with other entries.


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