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Devil May Care

January 23, 2022

Devil May Care /devəlmāˈker / adj. 

Definition: The term devil may care refers to someone who seems carefree and unconcerned about the consequences of their activities.

Etymology: This idiom first appeared in print between 1765 and 1795. By 1815, it appeared as an expression or oath.

In a Sentence

If you want to be successful, you must shed your devil-may-care mentality.

Ms. Wilson favors flashy lettering and painting epic-scaled maps, which are devil-may-care about geographic accuracy.

With her devil-may-care exuberance, the Iron Lady actress lost her shoe as she made her way on stage at Sunday night’s event in New York.


Foolhardy, Reckless, Irresponsible


Responsible, Uptight, Cautious


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