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November 7, 2022

Diminutive /adjective/ di·min·u·tive

Diminutive is typically used as an adjective and used to describe people, places, or things that are small in size or quantity. Items that are described as “diminutive” are notably tiny, and this size is the distinguishing feature of the noun described.

In a Sentence

The new employee was surprised to find that her office space was diminutive compared to the size of her old office.

The politician initially decided not to donate and gave a diminutive donation to the charity in order to save face in front of his colleagues.

He told his wife he was concerned that his diminutive stature would make it difficult for most people to take him seriously as a leader.


English speakers derived the word diminutive from a combination of Old English and Latin words used to describe objects, places, or people as “small.” The first recorded use of the word was in the 14th century, and it has not changed its meaning since its introduction.


Small, Little


Gigantic, Huge


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