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February 9, 2022

Dingus /ding-uhs/ noun

Definition:  A dingus is a small object whose actual name is not known, cannot be remembered, or has no importance. Its slang usage describes a joking way to refer to a dimwitted or silly person.

Etymology: The word dingus has its origin from the Dutch word dinges, which literally means “thing.” This is further shown due to the fact that dinges has its roots in the German word ding

The idea conveyed has to do with an object or thing which is unknown to the speaker and not important enough to the speaker for them to bother learning the name. 

The word first appeared in usage in the 1870s. It was used informally to refer to small objects whose names were unknown, forgotten, couldn’t be recalled, or were not important enough to name.

 At times the word could be used in a humorous fashion. In the United States, the word also came to be used as friendly slang for a silly or foolish person.

In a Sentence

When assembling the desk from IKEA, make sure you’ve got all the screws and this little dingus here.

Walking the dog is so much easier now that I’ve got one of those dinguses that clips on my belt and holds sanitary bags.

Peter has turned out to be the most reliable guy I know, but I still remember how much of a dingus he was as a teenager!


Thingamajig, Doofus, Whatchamacallit, Nincompoop


Brainiac, Genius, Clever Person


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