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September 23, 2021

Definition: Something belonging to a person is unruly or disordered.

Etymology: The first use of the word was found in 1583, and it has French and Latin roots. The Latin root being capillus (hair of the head). The original sense of the word correlated specifically to unkempt hair or uncovered/loose hair. 

After the 17th century, the word started being used to describe a person’s state or appearance beyond their hair.

In a Sentence

Before we drove up the coast of California in my new convertible mustang, we pulled down the top of the car so that we could feel the wind. Halfway into our trip, we had to pull over and put the top back up because the wind was making my girlfriend’s hair all disheveled.

After showing up to the wedding with the stench of alcohol wreaking from our mouths and the sight of our disheveled suits on our somewhat sickly bodies, it was clear that the bachelor party may have gone too far.

I was late to work, so I didn’t have time to shower and change. When I got to work, I looked dirty and disheveled. My boss did not like this and gave me a lecture on professionalism and time management and told me not to make this mistake ever again.


Cluttered, Disarrayed


Neat, Orderly


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