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October 3, 2022

Docket / noun /dock·​et

A docket is a calendar of events typically used in the American court system. The word "docket" comes from the French meaning "a small box." Dockets are used in courts to track the progress of a case. They typically contain the case number and other relevant information. Individuals can file dockets in court.

In a Sentence

The defendant waited outside the courtroom, showing their name on the docket of the day's cases.

The docket of a court case is the best place to find the date, time, and location of public court hearings in your neighborhood.

They postponed the dockets of many court cases during the COVID-19 pandemic that caused a global shutdown of courtrooms worldwide.


Etymologists are unsure of the exact origin of the word docket. However, we believe it relates to French words representing small boxes or the word "dock."

In the mid-15th century, we used the word docket to represent a summary or abstract. We started using the word docket to designate a legal record of court cases beginning in 1720. We still use the word in American court systems to track the progress of legal claims.


Calendar, Schedule


Jumble, Hodgepodge


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