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March 13, 2022

Doozy /do͞ozē/ noun

Definition: The word doozy describes a person, place, or thing we see as extraordinary. In the English language, anything described as a doozy is one-of-a-kind, unexpected and grandiose. A large car accident on the expressway or someone making a huge mistake is an example of the word doozy in action.

A doozy is unique. Similar to the word wow, the word doozy is a noun that describes surprising and unconventional. It’s used to talk about rarely seen behavior. We see doozies as outstanding, grand, and larger than life. The definition can have either a positive or negative connotation.

Etymology: The first record of the word doozy was in 1916. It was used in the same sense that we use it today.

In a Sentence

The year 2020 was a doozy because of the unexpected effects of COVID-19.

Traffic on the expressway today was a real doozy!

That comment she made about her coworker’s outfit was a doozy.


Extraordinary, Unheard of, Humdinger


Non-Climatic, Boring, Average 


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