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October 14, 2021

Definition: Elan is having great energy, having flair, showing poise. Elan is exhibiting grace and elegance, having style. Having a vigorous spirit or enthusiasm. A feeling of strong eagerness. Have a distinctive style or elegance, having class. Having passion, zeal. Displaying pizzaz or panache. 

Etymology:  ​​Elan originated from the Old Latin lanceare, meaning “to throw a lance.” It was adapted in Old French to elancer meaning “to throw out, rush forward, dart, to shoot, incite.” In the 16th century, it was further adapted to the French elan meaning “vivacity.

In a Sentence

The dance troupe was able to fully engage the crowd with an energetic routine that showed their energetic elan and skills to perfection.

He hoped his elan when performing before the judges would mask his lack of talent or training and give him an edge over the competition.

No other model could match her beauty or elan, and that is why the designer chose her to model his latest design in the fashion show.


Flair, Elegance, Sophistication, Polish, Finesse, Chic, Panache, Pizazz, Zing, Zip, Relish


Dullness, Obtuseness, Stupidity, Crass, Unwillingness, Stubbornness, Apathy, Disinterest, Halfhearted, Sluggish, Lazy, Boring


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