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August 30, 2021


Empathy is the ability to understand not only the emotions of other people but also the way they think and feel to connect with them. It is a deep understanding of another person’s worldview that comes from the ability to imagine oneself in other people’s situations.

Etymology: Empathy comes from the Greek word ‘ēmpatheia,’ which means to share a feeling or sympathize. The Latin word ’empatia’ means “to feel with.” People first used empathy in English in 1834. It is the ability to share or understand what another person is feeling. Some sources suggest that German philosopher and psychologist Friedrich Nietzsche created the term “Empathie” in 1880 and used it to mean “the ability to feel with someone.”

In a Sentence

Pure empathy is not easy, but you can develop it through practice.

I empathize with you going through a tough time.

Empathy is a necessary part of being a good writer.


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