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September 9, 2022

Empyrean / adjective or noun / em·py·re·an

We use the word empyrean as an adjective to describe heavenly things and things that relate to the sky. When we use empyrean as a noun, it represents a portion of the sky known as "the highest part of heaven."

In a Sentence

The churchgoers felt they were having an empyrean experience when they entered the chapel and saw the mural of angels painted on the chapel walls.

Believers in certain religions say the empyrean realm is higher than any other sacred religious realm and that it is difficult to reach.

She directed the contractors to paint a wall mural to match the empyrean decor theme in her master bedroom.


The word empyrean came to our language from a combination of Greek and Medieval Latin words. Originally, the word was used by early Christians as a noun to refer to the actual location of God and the angels in heaven. It was also thought that the empyrean contained the pure element of fire. English speakers started using empyrean as an adjective to refer to “heavenly things” and things that relate to being in the sky around 1660.


Heavenly, Celestial


Hellish, Infernal


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