June 14, 2022

Entheogen / noun / en-thee-uh-jn

If you do a lot of gardening, or you have a lot of experience with using plants in spiritual or religious manners, you may already be familiar with the word of the day: entheogen.


(n.) a chemical substance typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes

In a Sentence

Some people are given an entheogen when they are on religious property without actually even knowing it was given to them.

Many cultures use entheogens to enhance their spiritual journeys.


The word entheogen actually has a Greek origin and started being used in the 1970s. It is said to mean “become divine with” but was coined from an informal committee of ethnobotanists that had been studying the inebriants of shamans.


Hallucinogen, Magic mushroom


Sobering, Non-psychoactive


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