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April 19, 2022

Everywhen /eve·ry·whe·n / adverb

Definition: “Everywhen” is an adverb we use in the English language to take the place of the word “always.” This rarely used term goes hand-in-hand with the word “everywhere.” Everywhere and everywhen are used together in one phrase to represent the state of being in all places at all times.

When used as a noun, “everywhen” refers to a community-funded initiative called the Everywhen Project. The Everywhen Project is a targeted fundraising initiative that provides support, funding, resources, and promotion for artists, creators, and musicians. The Everywhen Project is a 503C project that maintains its own public-facing website that is based out of California in the United States.

Etymology: We find the first recorded instance of the word “everywhen” in the Mid-16th century. Everywhen is frequently referenced in early Aboriginal origin stories. In 1665, we etymologists say the words “every” and “when” were combined to create the new term meaning “to be in all places at all times.” “Everywhen” became mainstream in the 17th-century and is normally used as part of a phrase rather than as a stand-alone- term.

In a Sentence

The Everywhen Project has a few fundraising concerts scheduled in the Mojave Desert this year.

I’m happy to accept the challenge everywhere and everywhen!

Since they got married, the inseparable newlyweds were together everywhere and everywhen.


Always, Constantly


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