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February 19, 2022

Extremum /ekˈstrēməm/ noun

Definition: Extremum is a noun that means the maximum or minimum value of a function. It’s a word that’s often used in mathematics, especially calculus. It is also called extreme value. It also has another definition, where it means that the furthest points are far from the middle. 

For example, one could try to measure the ocean and determine the extremum of the area with the calculations. 

Etymology: Extremum is a Latin word that was first used in the early 20th century. The word extremum then became an English word and has been since 1904. It is a word that is often referred to as the extremes of something in mathematics. 

It was always used to measure the value of a function. Today, it is used to calculate areas such as land, buildings, objects and more.

In a Sentence

These parameters require the exact extremum for the calculations.

You rarely hear the word extremum unless you are in an advanced math class.

Some mathematicians use extremum for calculating measurements.


Peak, Maximum, Limit


Bottom, Base, Depth


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