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March 6, 2022

Exultant/ iɡˈzəltnt / adj.

Definition:  We use the word exultant in the English language as an adjective to describe a state of mind. This descriptive word means to express extreme joy, triumph, or jubilation. Someone said to be exultant is extremely happy or over-the-moon with joy.

Similar to being excited, exultant refers to a state of mind that goes above and beyond the boundaries of regular excitement. We associate positive feelings like extreme happiness, glee, and celebratory rejoicing with this term. People normally express exultant feelings after achieving a long-standing goal, completing a tough challenge, or winning against an opponent.

Etymology: The first recorded use of the word exultant in the English language was in the mid-1600s in 1653. They used the term in the same way that we still use it today. Since its inception, the term exultant has always referred to someone having an extremely joyful state of mind.

In a Sentence

The NFL team was exultant at winning the Super Bowl last year.

The beauty pageant winner felt exultant at being chosen over the other contestants.

Exultant fans gathered together in the parking lot to celebrate the championship.


Jubilant, Triumphant


Sorrowing, Gloomy


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