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December 17, 2021

Fastidious /faˈstidēəs/ adj. 

Definition: As an adjective, fastidious is used to describe an individual who pays too much attention to minor details. This is a person who wants everything to be just perfect, even if it really is a minor thing. For example, most people do not care what the contents of a suitcase look like on the inside. However, a fastidious person will spend a great deal of time making sure everything is in its proper place and looks just right.

Fastidious can also be used to indicate that a person strongly dislikes something that is considered dirty or otherwise unpleasant. An example would be a person who is too fastidious about swimming in a muddy lake.

Etymology: Fastidious comes from the Latin phrase that means full of pride. It is also taken to mean disdainful or squeamish. The roots of the word date back to the early 1600s.

In a Sentence

They are quite fastidious when planning their vacation itinerary.

Being someone who is quite fastidious, I have found that I simply cannot eat at this fast-food restaurant.

It took the fastidious man a long time to clean his house; just when he thought he was finished, he kept finding more to clean. 


Choosy, Dainty, Finicky


Carefree, Relaxed, Flexible

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  1. brenda marshall

    I am born under the VIRGO zodiac sign, and I am fastidious. I used to get on my own nevers…..I have stopped some of this fastidious behaviour.


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