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Faux Pas

July 27, 2021

Faus Pas

Plural: faux pas, no change in pronunciation or spelling.

Definition: Blunder: a significant or embarrassing error or mistake. An act or remark in the course of social interaction that can be embarrassing or deemed tactless.

The act of making a social misstep or indiscretion that results in embarrassment; an embarrassing lapse in manners, etiquette, or conduct.

Etymology: French, the term translated as false step.

In a Sentence

Traditionally, newlywed couples can receive gifts up to a year after their wedding. Gifts sent after this time are viewed as a major faux pas.

It was once considered a fashion faux pas to wear white pants after Labor Day. But nowadays, you can wear white any time of the year.

For handshakes, it is customary for men to stand facing one another. Maintaining one’s seat is a social faux pas they should avoid.


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