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March 20, 2022

Featherbrained /fe-t͟hər-ˌbrān/ adj. 

Definition: The word featherbrained results from combining the words feather and brained into one word. Featherbrain is a noun, while featherbrained is an adjective. We use this descriptive word to represent the characteristics of people we think are foolish and scatterbrained.

We often see them as a joke or laughingstock. In most cases, we deem featherbrained people as unreliable sources of information. The opposite of scholars and brainiacs, most people in polite society don’t take featherbrained people seriously.

Etymology: We find the first recorded instance of the use of featherbrained in the late 16th century. This is the first evidence of the words feather and brain used to depict a dimwitted person. The next time we see featherbrained used in American English is between 1830-40 in popular literary works of the times. We still use the word featherbrained in English to describe people we see as frivolous or foolish.

In a Sentence

The featherbrained secretary was always forgetting how to use the company computer.

For goodness’ sake, please don’t take that featherbrained advice!

The crooks concocted a featherbrained scheme to rob the bank during business hours.


Birdbrain, Nitwit, Fool


Sobersides, Foolish, Intelligent 


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