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June 7, 2022

Felicity / noun / fəˈlisədē

Felicity has a few different meanings:

1. Intense happiness

2. The ability to find appropriate expression for one's thoughts

3. A pleasing manner or quality, usually associated with art or language

In a Sentence

I don't experience a state of felicity very often due to everyday stresses, but when I do, it's overwhelming to the point of crying tears of joy.

Felicity sometimes seems like a made-up feeling when it's almost like you're living in a dystopia.


The word felicity has a couple of factors to its origins. It is from the late Middle East and Old French. Felicity has a Latin origin, derived from the word felicite, felicitat, or felicitas, which actually means happy or fruitful. The first known use of the word felicity was around the 14th century.


Euphoria, Bliss


Depression, Stress




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