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February 3, 2022

Festooned / feˈsto͞on / noun, verb

Definition: We can use the term festoon as either a noun or a verb. In noun form, the term festoon is used to represent celebratory hanging or chained decorations. Similar to garland used to celebrate Christmas holidays, a festoon is a chain or strip of decorations or adornments that represent celebration.

A festoon can be a tangible chain of decorations and used to represent festive events, gatherings, or holidays. It can also be represented by an “image” of a chain of festive decor. Used as a verb, festoon means to hang, form, or shape into decorations.

Etymology: The first known use of the word festooned as a noun was recorded in 1630. Early use of festoon as a very was recorded around 1765. The French recorded early use of the word festoon as feston. Italians used the word festone and festa. Early Latin related the word festoon to the word “feast.”

In a Sentence

They festooned the houses with Christmas lights for the holidays!

A chain of icicles festooned the rooftop after the ice storm.

The flower garland festooned the wedding chapel on the day of the ceremony.


Adorn, Embellish, Emblaze


Blemish, Disfigure, Mar


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