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January 8, 2022

Flummoxed / fluhm-uhkst / adj.

Definition: Flummoxed refers to being completely confused, bewildered, or perplexed. A flummoxed person is unable to understand the situation or the idea.

Etymology: The word flummoxed originated in 1837 out of a British dialect. While the exact origins are unclear, there are several potential sources from locations such as Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, or Sheffield. 

The word appears to be an onomatopoeic word and represents the sound of throwing something down in an untidy manner. The connotation carried by the word thus characterized an event that would stun a person so much that they would lose their ability to operate in an orderly fashion. A person who was flummoxed would be stuck in a confused and muddled state.

In a Sentence

Despite their best efforts and every test they could perform, the doctors remained flummoxed by both Peter Parker’s strange condition and the possible causes.

As her handsome crush waved from across the room, Jessica was so flummoxed as to how to respond that she hid in the bathroom instead.

The court proceedings left the man flummoxed, and he had no idea how to respond to the judge’s questions.


Befuddled, Baffled, Dazed


Composed, Poised, Serene


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