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January 21, 2022

Folx /  ˈfōks / plural noun

Definition: A familiar way of addressing a group of people, the word folx is intended to be a gender-neutral alternative to folks. 

Alongside modern words like Latinx or honorifics like Mx., the presence of the “x” in folx is meant to signify that the term is inclusive of marginalized groups and individuals, such as people of color, non-binary people, or those living with disabilities.

Etymology: Folx has been used as a colloquial variation of folks since the 1990s, without the intention of inclusiveness. With many words being shortened to become more text-friendly, the “x” replaced the “ks” combination for convenience and ease of use. 

As an inclusive collective term, folx is thought to have first been published in 2001, when it was used in a blog post on There, it was used to refer to the author’s identity as a queer individual.

In a Sentence

Of all the folx attending the class, Joel was the most eager to learn.

A large number of folx came to Maria’s housewarming party.

The professor preferred to call his students folx since many of them belonged to marginalized populations.


Folks, People, Them/They


Person, He/She, Individual


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