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October 27, 2021

Definition: The word Frenzied is a descriptive word that means to show extreme excitement or agitation over something. It also refers to an intense emotional disturbance or showing great excitability. 

Frenzied is often used to describe the emotional state of being of a person in a frenzy, and it can be used to describe the way a frenzied person mimics madness or delirium due to an overly excited state of mind.

Etymology: The origin of frenzied is from Middle English, and derived from the Old French term frenesie. Before that, it was used in medieval Latin as phrenesia, which was originally from the Greek word phren, which means ‘mind’.

In a Sentence

Travis jumped out of the way when encountering the frenzied dog’s barking.

The band took the stage, and a frenzied mob of teen girls rushed the stage like a herd of wild animals.

Roberto was frenzied in the kitchen after losing his fastest sous chef.


Overwrought, Hectic, Frenetic, Excited, Agitated


Composed, Calm, Placid, Relaxed, Subdued


  1. Colleen

    I get whipped into a frenzied state when I hear the crap coming out of the establishments mouths.

  2. Ricky Spragia

    Thank You a new word for my mind


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