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February 25, 2022

Frippery /frip(ə)rē/ noun

Definition:  The word of the day today actually has a bit of a tone of elegance to it and is really fun to say: frippery. It describes flashy or unnecessary accessories or ornaments. Frippery can also be used to describe a garish or tasteless thing.

Etymology: This word is from the 16th-century French word friperie, which referred to old, raggedy, or secondhand clothes. There were Old French versions of this word that also meant rags.

In a Sentence

I can’t believe I have to deal with frippery from the servants and the guards in my own castle!

If you want to be famous, there’s a lot of fripperies you have to deal with; from interviews to magazines, you’ll have everybody trying to follow you, literally!

The frippery of some people and their style, or even their taste in buildings and home decor, really honestly shocks me; I could never live in some of these homes!


Tasteless, Raggedy


Classy, Stylish


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